Computer Vision Class Project | Mar 2023 - May 2023

Designed patterns and algorithms to enable onboard detection of other bluebots. The orange color makes the agents more distinguishable from their environment and the stripes provide an additional level of uniqueness in more challenging environments. Please click on the image for the full report.

Computer Networks Class Project | Mar 2023 - May 2023

Worked on a team of 4 to build a complete network monitoring system using Raspberry Pis. Please click on the image for our full report.

3D Printed Chainmail Dress | Apr 2023

Designed, 3D printed, and sewed a chainmail dress. The dress is made from panels of a really interesting composite material, created by 3D printing overlapping scales into a piece of fabric. The original 3D model can be found on Thingiverse.

3D Scanning Museum Artifacts | Jan 2022 - May 2022

Used open source photogrammetry software to 3D scan museum artifacts with household equipment. Created 3 high resolution 360 3D scans and full scale 3D printed replicas of the artifacts. Please also see Dr. Adam's page on the project with interactive models.

Light Painting Photography | Nov 2018 - Jan 2023

A Photography series I worked on with my friend Lindsey Forg. These photos use a technique called lightpainting to create visual effects in a single take long exposure. In these photos, I "paint" into the photo with different light sources, some custom built and some off the shelf. Please click on the photo for more information.

Steel Wool Photography | Jan 2019 - Sept 2022

A Photography series I worked on with my friend Lindsey Forg. These photos use a technique called steel wool photography with long exposure to capture the trails of sparks. Each photo was taken in one take with only minimal editing. Please click on the photo for more information.

Anaglyph 3D Video | May 2022

Worked in a team of 3 to create real time anaglyph 3D (retro red-blue 3D) video stream with accompanying depth map. Wrote the bulk of the code in Verilog for hardware acceleration with a user interface in C and documented with a website.

Fast Robots Final Project | Jan 2022 - May 2022

Open ended class project where we created an autonomous car over the course of 13 labs. Built up from design, circuits, open loop control, PID, stunts, sensor fusion, Kalman filters, path planning, localization, Bayes filters, and SLAM.

Opinion Dynamics of Stubborn Clustered Networks | Dec 2021

In Fall 2021 I took a special topics course in ECE called Network Dynamics and Games taught by Professor Francesca Parise. The class culminated with an independent final project where we explored the opinion dynamics of highly polarized networks and different underlying opinion dynamics models.

Lidar Sensing Robot | May 2021

Worked with team of three on room monitoring radar scanner using time-of-flight LIDAR sensor. Completed project entirely remotely by logging into remote desktop with only remote debugging tools.

Liv | Feb 2020

Liv, Swedish for Life. Liv is a wrist mounted assistant for any at risk person. From the elderly to people living with disabilities to young children, Liv allows you the freedom to live your life without fear of being helpless. In its prototype form Liv features an LCD display, speaker, GPS, rechargeable battery, a wifi link and an opt-out button for when you need help.

Quadcopters | June 2019 - Present

I'm a licensed sUAV operator and hobby pilot. I have about 40 hours recorded flight hours, and I've built a flying wing, a 3" and a 5" fpv quadcopter.

Thor Hammer | June 2019 - May 2019

3D printed a 1:1 scale replica of Thor's hammer from the Marvel movies. Fully 3D printed exterior with reinforced handle and center.

Keystroke | Feb 2019

"Fitbit for piano" We set out to design a platform to provide data analytic feedback to people learning piano. We divided the project into 4 main parts: The physical construction of a keyboard, circuit design for real time feedback and data transfer, programming that microcontroller system, and the webserver to display and track your progress. This project was completed in 24 hours at this years Makeathon!

8ft Icosohedron | Dec 2018

I designed and built an icosohedron installation art sculpture. Click on the picture to view the instructables for step-by-step instructions!

Untethered Firefly Synchronization | June 2017 - May 2018

My senior year science fair project. Building off of my previous year's project, the main goal of this project was to extend firefly style sysncronization to devices that could communicate wirelessly and be moved around. We designed, built, and iterated these designs many times. I built custom circuits, custom 3D printed housings with carefully tuned optical properties, and wrote the code to run on the microcontrollers. Finally, we put the devices into a wearable form factor and tested them in the field. Please click on the photo for more information.

Avatar Art Installation | Jan 2018

An art installation I designed, built and exhibited in my high school library.

Firefly Synchronization Model | June 2016 - May 2017

My Junior year science fair project. The main goal of this project was to create a harware model of firefly synchronization. We studied the classical coupled oscillator model and tested out several other strategies like what we called a simple "follow the leader" apporach.

Insect Gears | Sept 2015 - Mar 2016

My first science fair project. We studied the naturally occuring gear structures in the hind legs of the planthopper, Issus Coleoptratus. We created a 3D model of the gears, laser cut them out of acrylic, and tested them in a custom built polarimeter. Please click on the photo for our full presentation.